AC Reactor Chokes

AC Reactor Chokes

Product Details:

Ballast Type Fluorescent Ballasts
Start Method Pulse Start
Certification ISI


AC Reactor Chokes : These chokes are installed input (Line) & output (Load) side of variable frequency drives to have di/dt, impedance matching & harmonic mitigation. With these chokes the protection against the surge, transient voltage & noise to the drives are ensured. The output chokes are installed for the longer cable lengths application for example distance from drive to the load if it exceeds 25 meters. Many application like submersible pumps in Oil well, process plants needs the output (Load) chokes.

  • Long functional life
  • Safe to use
  • Sturdy design
  • High performance
  • Ability to reduce the current and voltage stresses on the input rectifier bridge
  • Over-voltage restriction
  • Available in single and three phases
  • Better protection of the drive
  • Improvement of low-frequency conduction emission and sensitivity
  • 3%, 5% & 7% Impedance
  • Di / dt Protection Systems
  • 50 Hz to > 5 kHz VFD”s
  • Line & Load applications
  • Submersible pumps in oil well
  • Process plants with output (load) chokes
  • VFD”s – Yasakawa, Mitsubhishi, Siemens, Allan Bradlley, ABB, Fuji, Danfoss, LG and Control Techniques

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