Ackaging & Pharmaceutical Transformers

Product Details:

Brand Procon Controls
Phase Single Phase, Three Phase
Cooling Type Oil Cooled, Dry Type/Air Cooled


Packaging & Pharmaceutical Transformers : The packaging industry need wide range of transformers as it caters to FMCG with many type of packings like powder, solids, nuts, liquids, gels, air-gas filled etc., with various sizes and shapes. This calls for various controls & with help of advanced technology the solutions are given to packaging industry. The transformer used in these machines are customized with many secondaries with many options. The geometrics of these transformers are important to suit the minimal control panel. Many of the fluid packaging machineries uses spill proof transformers which are with resin cast, non-hygroscopic coated coils.

  • Overload protection
  • Faultless functioning
  • Sturdy structure
  • Accurate voltage regulation
  • Fluid packaging machine
  • Powder packaging machinery
  • Air-gas filled packaging system
  • Gel packaging system
  • Nuts packaging machinery

Fluid packaging machine make use of spill proof transformer comprised with non-hygroscopic coated coils and resin cast.

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