DC Chokes

DC Chokes

Product Details:

Brand Procon Controls

DC Chokes 
: These chokes are used for DC bus for AC ripple reduction for medium & large machines and power systems. The laminations used in these products are Electrical grade CRGO with low loss. Our prudently designed DC Chokes are suitably utilized in industrial machinery power systems for filtering the power supply. These chokes are made sturdily by making use of optimum grade copper wires terminal blocks and electrical steel laminations

  • Excellent power filtration
  • Make sure no damage to input rectifiers from in-rush current
  • Improvise low frequency conduction emission
  • Overload protection
  • Reduce current-voltage stress
  • Excellent protection to motor drive
  • Lowers harmonic distortion
  • Compacted design
  • Power Electronic Systems
  • Rectifier Modules
  • Servo Drives
  • DC Bus Systems
  • Di / dt Smoothening units
  • AC Ripple Reduction Systems

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