EI UI,II Lamination & Transformers

Product Details:

Lamination Type EI Type
Material of Transformer Laminations Silicon Steel


EI Lamination & Transformers : The EI Lamination and Transformers are suitably utilized for regulating voltage supply consistently in electronic and electrical equipments. These transformers are designed using qualitative materials and advanced wound core technology. To ensure minimal fringing magnetic flux, these are blended with EI shaped lamination and wound core. The magnetic path (Core) is with 0.27, 0.35 & 0.5mm thick electrical steel CRGO & CRNGO grade lamination with EI Geometric shapes which can be with strip assembly or EI shaped or wound core for minimal fringing magnetic flux.

  • Superior lamination finish
  • Excellent voltage regulation
  • Excellent overload protection
  • Compacted design
  • High flux density
  • Minimal operational noise
  • Electrical circuits
  • Medical equipment
  • Industrial machines
  • UPS rectifier modules
  • Power modules

Core (magnetic path) is available with electrical steel CRGO & CRNGO grade lamination in 0.27, 0.35 & 0.5mm thickness.