How to Evaluate the Quality of Control Transformer

No doubt, electricity is critical to perform any task. Without it, your production and other operations get frustrated as projects do not take place. To overcome such a dilemma, you must install a transfer that transports electrical power between two or more circuits effectively, so that your projects will never get hampered and production can take place without any disturbance.

A Control Transformer is mainly created for purposes which demand electromagnetic and solenoids devices. It has an in-built capacitor, which helps to reduce the variation in output and let your machines do their work without encountering any difficulty. However, the biggest question that arises here is how to select the best transformer that befits your requirement as there are so many control transformers manufactures offering many options out on the market.

How to Evaluate the Quality of Control Transformer

Below are guidelines that will help you purchase a quality control transformer.

Selection of Winding Material:

Transformers use aluminum or copper for winding. The copper-wound transformers are smaller; however, copper is a better conductor and provides higher mechanical strength of the coil. While with aluminum-wound units, they are usually more affordable. It is vital to go with a control transformer manufactures that have the capability and experience to work with either material to suit your specific demand.

Determine Voltage and Frequency:

Another crucial point to consider while acquiring a control transformer is Amperes, kVA, or Wattage needed by the load on your application. This will help you to pick the best size and the voltage rating device for your production. You need to determine the frequency and voltage of primary as well as a secondary voltage to make a rational choice.

Life Expectancy:

It is usually believed that the useful life of the insulation system will determine how valuable the transformer will be. Insulation life is equivalent to the temperatures being experienced by the insulation across the process. Hot spot temperatures are determined by adding the total of the standard winding temperature increase, the maximum ambient temperature, and the winding angle. Transformers always have an engraving kVA rating, and this signifies the amount of kVA charging that will occur in the measured temperature increase under normal operating conditions. When used in these standard operating conditions, including the allowed hot-spot temperature with the suitable insulation class, a standard transformer life expectancy can be determined.

Check the Frequency of Supply Source:

The other vital thing you need to take into consideration before investing in a quality control transformer is a frequency of supply source. The smooth function of your device is crucial and should not be taken lightly in any way. Ensure that the frequency of the supply source is similar to the load of the system. Look for a control transformer manufacturers who will compete with your demands and fulfill them for a better experience.


Determining the best type of transformer that you require for your application is a vital thing to do. You can achieve this by consulting your nearest control transformer manufacturers and they will advise you on which are the best that suits your industry needs.

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