Marine & Avionic Grade Transformers

Product Details:

Cooling Type Dry Type/Air Cooled, Oil Cooled
Phase Single Phase, Three Phase

Marine & Avionic Grade Transformers : Marine grade transformers are with double insulated with temperature rise not more than 40 Deg Celsius with and without protective enclosure. If it is with enclosure, Ingress protection can be IP, 20, IP 32, IP 54, and more depending on the location of the transformer.

The avionic transformers are usually 400 Hz for reduced size and weight for easy handling & transportation. These transformers are usually used in Ground Support Unit which has power pack to supply power to Aircraft in hangers and supply power. The transformers are with 6 & 12 pulse 2 secondary low voltage Star-Delta combinations. Low loss laminations (CRGO) are used for high efficiency.

  • High functioning efficiency
  • Rigid structure
  • Highly insulated
  • Easy to handle and transport with reduced size
  • Precise voltage regulation
  • Overload capacity
  • Aircraft power supply
  • Marine power supply
  • IP Specified Environmental System
  • Ground Support Equipments (GPU, GSS, Auxiliary Systems)
  • Battery Charger Cart
  • Marine transformers with ingress protection like IP 20, IP 32 and IP 54
  • Available with 6 & 12 pulse secondary low voltage in combination of star-delta
  • Avionic transformers available in 400 Hz and 1500 Hz frequency