Power Line Reactors

Power Line Reactors

Product Details:

Brand Procon Controls

Power Line Reactors : These chokes are used for smoothening the surge current to the load like thyristor drives, Variable Frequency drive, Servo Drives, Robotic controllers and various power electronic modules. In variable frequency drives, the line reactors are used for line and load di /dt protection along with controlling the speed and torque

  • Oppose rapid changes in current
  • Attenuate spikes of current
  • Limit peak currents
  • Suitable for electronic variable speed drive
  • Extra protection to Ac and DC drives
  • Reduce harmonic distortion in the input line current
  • Ensure no damage to input rectifiers from in-rush current
  • Power electronics
  • Variable speed drives of Mitsubhishi. Yasakawa, LG, Danfoss, Control Techniques, Fuji, ABB, Allan Bradlley, Delta and Siemens
  • Thyristor drives
  • Robotic controllers
  • Servo drives

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